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The Dean of the College of Medicine has  commissioned a study of the causes of disparity between male and female faculty in the College of Medicine (COM) in track assignment, promotion to higher ranks, and leadership positions, with the ultimate goal of identifying and implementing solutions to documented barriers.

The Dean's Committee on Women Faculty is coordinating the research project, which has been called the GRACE Project (Generating Respect for All in a Climate of academic Excellence).

The project is driven by hypotheses generated by College of Medicine faculty members and previous studies of gender disparities in institutional settings. The hypotheses are being analyzed with institutional data on faculty salaries, a survey of current faculty, in-depth interviews with randomly selected faculty. The study results will be compiled into a detailed final report and submitted for publication.

Please see the following links for more information:

Project Objective and Hypotheses Survey Results
Faculty Advancement Survey (PDF) Discussion of Survey Results
GRACE Project Final Report (PDF)

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Kathryn L. Reed, M.D. - Chair
Tamsen Bassford, M.D.
Valerie Reyna, Ph.D.
Pat St. Germain
Catherine Shisslak, Ph.D.
Anne Wright, Ph.D.
Leslie Schwindt, Research Asst.


Joseph Alpert, M.D.
Cela Archambault, Ph.D.
Leslie Barton, M.D.
Tamsen Bassford, M.D.
Louise Canfield, Ph.D.
William Dantzler, M.D., Ph.D.
Barbara Giesser, M.D.
Anna Guiliano, M.D.
Marilyn Halonen, Ph.D.
Patricia Hoyer, Ph.D.
Becky Hunt, M.D.
Kristine Kaemingk, Ph.D.
Ana Maria Lopez, M.D.
Myra Muramoto, M.D.
Millicent Palmer, M.D.
Rebecca Potter, M.D.
Kathryn Reed, M.D.
Valerie Reyna, Ph.D.
Ken Ryan, M.D.
Leslie Schwindt
Catherine Shisslak, Ph.D.
Pat St. Germain
Anne Wright, Ph.D.

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